The first snow flake


Haiku:Walking with life

Losing myself, Walking under the life willows, I did not feel sad.

Together we walked

You held my hand, And we walked along. Together we walked, Came rain,came sunshine, But we walked along. I trusted you, More than I trusted anyone else. I trusted you, More than I trusted myself. So I walked along eyes closed. But as we walked along, You still held my hand, But the support had… Continue reading Together we walked

An ode to my Mother

I loved her, And she loved me all the more. I cried, And she cried all the more. But the dewly pearls only inside seen, For outside she was all serene. Her warm embrace, Her gentle a hug, A pat on the cheek, And a ponytail tug, It made me laugh away all my turmoils.… Continue reading An ode to my Mother

Daily prompt:Mentor

She looked askance With so much faith and love. And to mentor such a mind, All you needed was to hold the hand And walk along. No questions asked, No limits set. She took what I gave. Source:

Wander Lust

My mind is a vagabond, For it loves to wander, And go beyond the yonder, To lands unknown and strange. It loves to meander everywhere, But it refuses to ponder, It breaks free, It brazenly forays into realms wild. It wants to dig deep into all the niches, It unlocks all the cloistered conundrums, It… Continue reading Wander Lust

Dance in the dark

I can see the moon over the meadow, As you twirl into my arms. We'll dance in the dark, And race the rivers where they run. For you and I fill find a place, Beneath a blanket made of stars, To start afresh. When the dawn is almost upon us, We will find our footsteps… Continue reading Dance in the dark

Let us dream

When your mind is in a state of suspended animation, Let your thoughts flow far and wide. Open the doors, Unlock the windows, See far and hear more. Let new sights imprint themselves, And splash their hues on the blank canvas of your mind. Let new decibels be recorded in the archives inside. There is… Continue reading Let us dream

Stories to tell

I have got her stories pressed like flowers, On notebook pages to be preserved. As though the right for you to share them, Has been as yet undeserved. I want to know why she has changed. But one day, we'll crack the covers, And I'll know all the tales of her that we have never… Continue reading Stories to tell

The work-out story

What happens when you try to work out your rusty bones one fine day? They creak and rumble. The muscles get jammed and refuse to let go of their prolonged state of blissful inertia. Your tyres flounce around angrily as you try to decimate them. You are all set up and charged. You have found… Continue reading The work-out story