A charade we all keep, A mask we all wear, We camouflage, We hide, We do it all to dissemble and disguise. We shy away from our inner selves, Sheathing it below a protocol mire, Cowardly wavering , Fearing the wrath, Quivering in fear at being an outcast. As days go by, The inner You,… Continue reading Hiding


She lived to tell

Pages of life, Turning one by one, Each telling a story. A story of love, A story of hope, A story of braving the odds, A story of fighting the twists of fate. But the tale does not end here, How the odds were overwhelmed by a lone Braveheart? Whose hand none held. She was… Continue reading She lived to tell

Her story

If you look on the sidelines, In the dark corners, You'll find her, Hidden by her mane, Her nose in a book. With her head in the clouds, Hiding her feelings, Away from the world, If you sat by her, While the world passed you by, She would tell you a story. Behind the pain… Continue reading Her story

A rare one

She was one of those rare ones, Who could feel the sun on her skin during the coldest winters, For she loved herself, And the whole world loved her for it.

Mystical-Word of the Day Challenge

The enigma, The mystical aura, The halo bright, It was to be awed, As all stood surprised. She was not to be seen, She was veiled with shrouds tight, She was hidden under covers of ritual, She was incarcerated for what she was. But the Braveheart she was, She did not give up hope, She… Continue reading Mystical-Word of the Day Challenge

Daily prompt:Integrity

Integrity in life, Integrity in love, Integrity in bonds, It all vanished into thin air. Disintegrated by human lust, Tarnished by dearth of moral scruples, Sheathed by scams, Integrity,a virtue no more, Relegated to relics, Encased in stony tombs, It is history Source:https://meetthebloggersblog.wordpress.com/2018/06/05/integrity/

Daily prompt:Broken

Dreams broken, And crushed into myriad pieces infinite. She was blighted, Her lustre waned, Happiness eclipsed. But a tiny spark somewhere, It still lingered in a closed niche. The innate fire refused to die. The fiery winds could not douse the bright spark. Her zest, her courage inflamed the tiny spark. It roared and raged… Continue reading Daily prompt:Broken

No time to stand and stare

Yesterday was a hot sultry day as usual. Feeding claustrophobic,I decided to go out for a whiff of fresh air. As I stepped down,my eye caught this white cat that had crowned itself atop the roof of a red car. Its pristine white fur dabbled with shades of brown looked resplendant in fading light. It… Continue reading No time to stand and stare

When the tempest died down

The tempest died down, The stormy winds now pacified, Their anger dissipated, They no longer whistle that hollow rumble. They blow sweet and satiated, The gentle rustle, Creating a melody in symphony. The trees tired after the dance in the gale, Now repose in still slumber. The branches brown and bare, Stare at the leaves… Continue reading When the tempest died down

Alone together