Striving-a cinquain- Word of the Day Challenge

We walk, Striving to reach, Where we so fear to tread, Stumbling but surpassing the best, Fearless. . Via:


Amble -Word of the Day Challenge

Amble along the alleys of life, Savouring joys untold, Fathoming the fantasies bold. Unlock the cache of joy, For life is to live to the core, Life's treasure trove brims with exuberant ecstasy all the more. You will smile, If you let yourself smile, And not dampen the euphoric rapture. Behold the beauty of life,… Continue reading Amble -Word of the Day Challenge

Independence:Word of the Day Challenge

This poem is a series of 7 Haikus. The Independence, The cliche is bandied forth, With gay abandon. A lot of fan-fare, Rolling drums and booming guns, A hollow hoopla. Empty promises, Idyllic dreams rosy hued, Ostentious and loud. Is the mankind free? Has evil terror vanished. And poverty gone? The cauldron on fire, Simmering… Continue reading Independence:Word of the Day Challenge


The serried twists, The sharp turns, They bend so close, In deep folds. I walk along in tremulous fear, Gingerly circumventing the folds, The sharp edges bite into my soul, Ripping it at its core. On the two sides, An endless abyss, Rolling into infinite caverns, Stretching into deep gorges. My eyes swim with tears… Continue reading RDP#33:Serried

Fervor-Word of the Day Challenge

She dreamt that her world was collapsing, As she stood under the shattering golden sky, The stars cascaded down like tears, From the eye of the universe. She tried to hold onto her hopes, Yet her fingers closed on thin air, But she found out that even though she owned nothing, She had it all.… Continue reading Fervor-Word of the Day Challenge

Three Days,Three Quotes Challenge:Day 2

I have been nominated by Just me( I am grateful for this interesting challenge. The Rules: 1Thank the person who has nominated you. 2.Post a quote for 3 consecutive days. 3. Nominate 3 bloggers each day. My quote for today is: "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life:it goes on"… Continue reading Three Days,Three Quotes Challenge:Day 2


Life is a trail of satin, Flowing proud, Flaunting with aplomb, Its lustrous sheen. We look in awe, Mesmerised and entranced, As it softly prances by, In all its elan. Source:

Daily prompt: Retrospective

I sat alone by my window gazing into the void. I was lost as my mind went back into another time. It was switched into a retrospective mode. I saw myself all charged up,weaving dreams of future,drawing bucket lists of things to do. I never belonged to the cliche set who believed in making an… Continue reading Daily prompt: Retrospective

Daily prompt:Broken

Dreams broken, And crushed into myriad pieces infinite. She was blighted, Her lustre waned, Happiness eclipsed. But a tiny spark somewhere, It still lingered in a closed niche. The innate fire refused to die. The fiery winds could not douse the bright spark. Her zest, her courage inflamed the tiny spark. It roared and raged… Continue reading Daily prompt:Broken