Together we walked

You held my hand,

And we walked along.

Together we walked,

Came rain,came sunshine,

But we walked along.

I trusted you,

More than I trusted anyone else

I trusted you,

More than I trusted myself.

So I walked along eyes closed.

But as we walked along,

You still held my hand,

But the support had lost its anchor,

It was there to be not there.

It was only to be seen.

But I still walked along,

Trusting you with my life,

But you held my hand,

And plunged me into an abyss, a dark land.

And you still held my hand.

I was confused.

I was angry.

What was real?

And what false?

That was my quandry.

You show the love,

But is it real?

Why fake the concern?

When you really don’t care.

Why the feigned,adulterated show of love?

I was naive and guileless,

And you took me for a ride,

At least once show me your true self,

So that my heart does not break into infinite fragments fragile.

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