Cobbled Clutter(a senryu)

weary soul trudges clanging on cobbled clutter of life's edifice


Dancing to the tunes of destiny, She pirouetted to fame, The decibels rose and fell, Still she danced to rythm of life, Impervious to the cacophony around .

A quest (a Haibun)

She sat on the long wooden bench watching the people walking by. The doctors hurried to their OPD rooms in stiff shirts,the nurses masked and gloved in crisp uniforms hovering by. And the patients of all ages just watching stoic and maudlin. The aroma of the tantalising coffee from the kiosk mingled with the septic… Continue reading A quest (a Haibun)

My heart ( a cinquain)

My heart, They peer into And see the hues that bleed, And incandescent hope undimmed, I shine.

A calm

A calm repose, Placid waters, Gently ebbing and receding, The silvery surf, Now rolling in myriad shapes. The stormy surges, In my mind, Now placated. A utopia inside, A detached idyll, Nothing enters, And nothing leaves. I float free in an endless chiasm, As I shed what I did not need, The angst, The guilt,… Continue reading A calm

If tomorrow will come

As I stand at the cusp, I pause and think. What had gone by, Its kaleidoscope whirred in mind's eye. Those buried dreams,those inane desires, Those silly joys, Long gone and dead, Now get a whiff of life, Make tarried movements, As they rouse from their hoary slumber. I reminisce our camaraderie, How we wove… Continue reading If tomorrow will come


I can see the sun, Rising over the rooftops of my town, But the darkness lingers in the forest behind me. It drips from broken branches, Only in ways that only darkness could. The peace has long fled my being, I can feel the talons of darkness, They grip my heart. The sun warms the… Continue reading Forest

The sun shall rise

She unlived the life, That she did not want to live. She untied the knots, That shackled her tight. She undid all, That tormented her soul. She unfurled new hopes, As she buried her dormant ones. She learnt new songs, As she unlearnt all the sonnets of pain. She erased the past, As she wrote… Continue reading The sun shall rise


As we toss and turn, In the rapids of life, We are chiselled fine. Life, It teaches us many a lesson, In rapid fire and fast, We lose some and gain some. As we sway in rapid torrent, We savour each tumble, For in each fumble, We learn not to stumble. Just go with flow,… Continue reading Rapid


The tides turn all the time, But the fates do not. The swell rises and falls, But the stroke of misfortune, It does not ameliorate. The calm tides roll along gently, But the calm does not seep in, And the arid plains lie forlorn. The symphony of surf and tide echoes around, A cacophany of… Continue reading Tide