Wander Lust

My mind is a vagabond,

For it loves to wander,

And go beyond the yonder,

To lands unknown and strange.

It loves to meander everywhere,

But it refuses to ponder,

It breaks free,

It brazenly forays into realms wild.

It wants to dig deep into all the niches,

It unlocks all the cloistered conundrums,

It wants to see the unseen,

It unveils the life’s enigma.

I tell it to hush,

But it gushes forth a foam of zestful brooks,

Splashing silvery drops pristine white,

All around in abundant sprite.

I try to throttle the rising tides,

I try to dam the spirited surge,

I try to silence the resonating cacophany,

I try to assuage the bubbling cascade.

I get tired,

As it whizzes around,

With so much gusto unbound,

Dashing,darting,zooming unabatingly.

I pull the reigns tight to end its spirited gallop,

But my mind’ surge is wanton and m unthwarted,

All it wants is to gambol free and untamed,

And I want it to just stand and stare.

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