Celebrating Life

A medley of thoughts, And a whirlpool of emotions, A surge of love, And a surf of passion, That is life. A cacophany of voices, And a cascade of thought, The lustre of a star, The heat of the sun, That is life. The dew-adorned blossoms, The fragrant-rich air, The rustling leaves, The bubbling brooks,… Continue reading Celebrating Life

Shadows have remained

You leave pieces of yourself, Scattered everywhere you frequent, And your memories are suspended in time. Every life that you have brushed up against, Lives with an imprint of you, That is trapped in their mind. Time may change you, But your memory forever remains the same. It's like leaving each place, That you have… Continue reading Shadows have remained

May be……

The dark clouds hovering on the grey sky, The sun blotted out. The air dead and calm. An eerie stillness all around, Shackling its claws sharp and profound. She stood in the eye of the storm, Impervious to tumult around. The myriad grains of scattered thoughts, Embroiling her, Taunting her, Laughing at her, Telling her… Continue reading May be……

Stories to tell

I have got her stories pressed like flowers, On notebook pages to be preserved, As though the right for you to share them, Has been as yet undeserved. I want to know why she has changed, But one day, we'll crack the covers, And I'll know all the tales of her, That we have never… Continue reading Stories to tell

      Sunday Surmise

A day in week when everything is rosy hued. You want to wallow in bed till the gong strikes noon, And be to the telly glued. You don't want to run the shower. And under the water you cower! You don't want to cook or clean, For it is a day to let go of… Continue reading Sunday Surmise