My synonyms for Green and Morass are lush and labyrinth. I have experimented with a new form,the Cinquetun. This verse form was created by E. Ernest Murrell.The Cinquetun is a hexastich, a poem in 6 lines with 8/6/10/6/8/2 syllables each. The rhyme scheme is axbaxb, x being unrhymed. tangled in labyrinth of life wisps of… Continue reading #TANKATUESDAY WEEKLY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 234, #SYNONYMSONLY

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 10, 2021

The Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “hope.” Little joys unnamed, Sprout in life’s tiny niches, Blossoms of a rapturous hued hope, Spread a fragrant cheer, As sorrow is now tamed. Via :https://lindaghill.com/2021/07/09/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-july-10-2021/

Saddle Up Saloon; Colleen’s Double Ennead Challenge No. 5

This month, the double ennead takes through the TUFF challenge like the Carrot Ranch Rodeo with the double ennead being taken from 99 syllables to 48 syllables, to 24 syllables to finally, a haiku. The Double Ennead comprises five lines with a syllable count of 6/5/11/6/5, (33 SYLLABLES per stanza) 3 STANZAS EACH SHAFT OF… Continue reading Saddle Up Saloon; Colleen’s Double Ennead Challenge No. 5

Flea Market -2

In the hustle of our daily life,we meet so many people. We see so many faces,faces that we don't know or may never see again. But they leave a mark on our minds,an image that stays imprinted forever.Today's star in the Flea Market is The Kind Stranger.First,let us be clear about the definition of the… Continue reading Flea Market -2

#Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 228, #Poet’sChoice

Image from https://pixabay.com/ I have written an Andaree,a syllabic form created by Andrea Dietrich writing on PoetrySoup in Feb, 2015 It is syllabic, with lines of 11/9/7/5/3/1/3/5/7/9/11 Rhyme Scheme: Aabbcbc bbaA It requires a Refrain: Line 1 is repeated as Line 11. Generally displayed centered Hope Blossoms Via : Tanka Tuesday

Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 59: (CHEEK) in the D rhyme line.

Life can be as bright as sunbeams, Or a downpour of emotions, Drowning you in sorrow's ocean, As it gives wings to your dear dreams, Weaving a tale on life's long reams, Learning to how to be buoyant, As life 's whirl turns flamboyant, Salty tears cascading down your cheeks Dewy pearls of pain softly… Continue reading Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 59: (CHEEK) in the D rhyme line.


Photo by Trent McDonald, photographer I have written a Garland Cinquain Fiery hope extinguished you stand at precipice staring into gorges around all dark. Inside hot inferno rages to consume all what was once full of vibrant life now dead. You walk along in fear in a tormented soul ripped fully apart at its core… Continue reading #TANKA TUESDAY WEEKLY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 226 #EKPHRASTIC #PHOTOPROMPT

Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 57: (WHIM) in the B rhyme line

Life's deep quench so insatiable, A trail of unrequited whims, But dreams dear take a pseudonym, Time's stealthy elf not tameable, All brave plans unattainable, A tiny seed of hope dormant, Hidden safe from Fate's play mordant, Awaits to burst in vernal bloom, Saying nay to soothsayer's doom, Spouting fragrant hues in torrent. Via: https://wp.me/p4y9jb-HIu

#Tanka Tuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 225, #SynonymsOnly

My synonyms for Life and Move are Soul and Shift. I have experimented with a Diatelle today. Life, Inane, Joys now wane, Dreams gone awry, Lost in deluge of pain, Rough high tides turn to terrify, Fates laugh loud only to mock and defy, The soul's deep cauldron noisily simmers with strife, Rustling up a… Continue reading #Tanka Tuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 225, #SynonymsOnly

Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 56: (GOLD) in the A rhyme line.

A warm hued shaft of dazzling gold, Caressing the azure expanse, A luminescent sheen in trance, Blazing through the dark waters cold, Haloed trail to heaven unrolled, Dispelling the darkness around, Shading diaspora profound, Fading embers of silent lives, Shadowy shroud in life's archives, All smolder bright as hope abounds. Via :https://wp.me/p4y9jb-HHW