#TankaTuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge No. 292, 10/4/22: #Tastetherainbow-Color Poetry

Image from https://pin.it/4zY6btA It seems only yesterday that 2022 began. And now we are at the last quarter of the year. Days have just roller-coastered by. Life seems to be in a state of suspended animation just swinging by rhythmically in cyclical fashion.The fall colors are blazing bright and we all look forward to fresh… Continue reading #TankaTuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge No. 292, 10/4/22: #Tastetherainbow-Color Poetry

Boldness uncontrolled

Singing to the tune of the falling raindrops.Trying to fight darkness with her light.l,She made her thunder silent,Hiding her pearly dewy tears,She waltzed to cacophony around,And no one ever understood,That she was born to be as bold as the rainstorm.She could not be controlled.

NaPoWriMo 2022/TankaTuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 270 #PhotoPrompt

This challenge explores Ekphrastic poetry, inspired by visual art or photographs. D. L. Finn provided the photo for this month’s challenge I have attempted a Garland Cinquain Harmony blue surfinfinite depthsteeming with so much life-symbiotic vibrant clusterblossoms deep calmits all aroundplayfully gambollingdiving into deep dark depths yetundrowned freedomabounds unchainedwaltzing to nature's rhythmresonating harmonic notesgentle fearlessto speak their mindsmelodious whistlingonly… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 2022/TankaTuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 270 #PhotoPrompt

TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 267, 3/29/22, #ShareYourDay

This week's challenge is #ShareYourDay to get to know each other better. We have to take a photo and write a syllabic poem about our day. I have written a GogyohkaThe photo is of my temple where I pray and meditate.And right now,I am in Zen mode for fasting for 9 days. Detox of mind… Continue reading TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 267, 3/29/22, #ShareYourDay

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 12, 2022

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “trip.” She’s all the places That she wants to visit.She’s all the road trips That she wants to take.She’s all the words That she wants to write in her diary.She’s all the magical characters That lived in her favourite books. She’s filled to the brimThat what… Continue reading The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 12, 2022


 Ken Gierke (Rivrvlogr) from last month’s challenge picked the theme:TRANSITIONS I have attempted a double Tanka wintery bloom thawsburbling along cobbled slopessandy grains awashedcoalesce in loamy bedrich with dormant seeds thriving basked in summer suntiny shoots rupture intoserrated lush leavescrowned with bright fragrant blossomsladen with tiny winged seeds Via :https://wp.me/pp04xNpg-cVt