A hope

She’s all the places That she wants to visit. She’s all the road trips That she wants to take. She’s all the words That she wants to write in her diary. She’s all the magical characters That lived in her favourite books. She’s filled to the brim That what makes her dream and hope. She… Continue reading A hope

       The Roadmap

Life is not a straight road with signs that would help you find your way, You can never know where you are heading Or if you are meandering astray, But you must keep on walking towards the great unknown, For what your destiny may have in store for you could be better than what you'd… Continue reading The Roadmap


Dancing to the tunes of destiny, She pirouetted to fame, The decibels rose and fell, Still she danced to rythm of life, Impervious to the cacophony around .

A Tale

Two lonely souls, Together They created, The oasis of love, The Eden of mirth, The Isle of ecstasy, The fountain of hope. Together They did, That alone they could not.