A mother’s tale

She stood by the window, Gazing at the blue sky above, Her fingers deftly knitted the blue cardigan, And her mind’s eye weaved her dreams, Dreams of the baby in blue. She caressed her stomach bloated big , And reassured the tiny life inside, It was a part of her being, A slice of her… Continue reading A mother’s tale


Shadows have remained

You leave pieces of yourself, Scattered everywhere you frequent. And your memories are suspended in time, Every life that you have brushed up against, Now lives with an imprint of you trapped in their mind. Time may change you, But your memory will forever remain the same. It's like leaving each place that you have… Continue reading Shadows have remained

Stories to tell

I have got her stories pressed like flowers, On notebook pages to be preserved. As though the right for you to share them, Has been as yet undeserved. I want to know why she has changed. But one day, we'll crack the covers, And I'll know all the tales of her that we have never… Continue reading Stories to tell

Celebrating 200 Followers

I am excited on reaching this milestone! Thank you dear fellow bloggers for your unwavering support. It is a beautiful journey to grow and learn more about life.

Daily prompt – Vague

Vague are the vagaries of life, They tell us To silence us. They show us To blind us. They lead us To mislead. Vague emotions And nameless turmoils, Make you fall in the vortex of life. The cauldron of life Brims over With life emoticons All over. Source : https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/vague/

My Sprite

I still remember the day I cried. But not with fright, For the nurse shied, And did not show me My little sprite. And when the soft bundle came into my arms, The brown eyes opened wide, Entranced me with their magical light. She let out a wail loud, And I fell in love with… Continue reading My Sprite

 Holding on

She clutched his  pictures tightly  to her chest, For these photos were  the only way, She could hold on to his fleeting memories, She wanted to never  let go of the wonderful man in her pictures, Her camera had frozen him in time, She took solace  in the fact that the  frame would contain  the… Continue reading  Holding on

Do you remember that night?

  Do you remember that night when you saw the first snowflakes of the year fall down from the high heavens, You held my hand as we ran down the gravelled path into the fields, I tripped on my feet and fell into the gathering snow, You took my hand and helped me up and… Continue reading Do you remember that night?