Shining bright


Striving-a cinquain- Word of the Day Challenge

We walk, Striving to reach, Where we so fear to tread, Stumbling but surpassing the best, Fearless. . Via:


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‘Woke and up’ – Ronovan Writes# Weekly#Haiku# Poetry Prompt#Challenge# 210# Woke and Up

She woke up too late, Time had now stood still for her, As years doused her dreams. Via :

Amble -Word of the Day Challenge

Amble along the alleys of life, Savouring joys untold, Fathoming the fantasies bold. Unlock the cache of joy, For life is to live to the core, Life's treasure trove brims with exuberant ecstasy all the more. You will smile, If you let yourself smile, And not dampen the euphoric rapture. Behold the beauty of life,… Continue reading Amble -Word of the Day Challenge


A charade we all keep, A mask we all wear, We camouflage, We hide, We do it all to dissemble and disguise. We shy away from our inner selves, Sheathing it below a protocol mire, Cowardly wavering , Fearing the wrath, Quivering in fear at being an outcast. As days go by, The inner You,… Continue reading Hiding