The work-out story

What happens when you try to work out your rusty bones one fine day? They creak and rumble. The muscles get jammed and refuse to let go of their prolonged state of blissful inertia. Your tyres flounce around angrily as you try to decimate them. You are all set up and charged. You have found… Continue reading The work-out story


Daily Prompt:Elaborate

One day, You told me that that we are all as fragile as glass, And our lives are stretched too thin. So why I did not pay heed to your advice? The shards left elaborate patterns on my skin, The scars that dot the length of my arm, Run too deep to forget. Despite the… Continue reading Daily Prompt:Elaborate

Celebrating 200 Followers

I am excited on reaching this milestone! Thank you dear fellow bloggers for your unwavering support. It is a beautiful journey to grow and learn more about life.

Daily prompt:Bestow

Open the doors of your heart, As the life knocks aloud. Unlock the closeted clasps, That throttle you, And hold you back. Let life free you From the shackles of melancholic sadness. Life bestows all its love on you. Give it a chance. Let the love bestowed bloom, Let it blossom. Let it spread the… Continue reading Daily prompt:Bestow

Tuesday Thoughts

A medley of thoughts, And a whirlpool of emotions, That is life. A surge of love, And a surf of passion, That is life. A cacophany of voices, And a cascade of thought, That is life. The lustre of a star, The heat of the sun, That is life. The dew-adorned blossoms, The fragrant-rich air,… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts

Daily prompt – Vague

Vague are the vagaries of life, They tell us To silence us. They show us To blind us. They lead us To mislead. Vague emotions And nameless turmoils, Make you fall in the vortex of life. The cauldron of life Brims over With life emoticons All over. Source :

An enigma

She loved herself, And the world did not love her for it. Her radiance shone bright, And the world eclipsed her light. She flew so high, And the world clipped her wings. She sang aloud soulful songs, And the world muted the melody. She dreamed to dream, And the world shattered her reverie. She smiled… Continue reading An enigma

Spread your wings

I am unfurling my wings As the cold has stopped Seeping into my skin. I am learning to partake In the small joys of life. For I can finally feel, The spring in my fingertips. The time to sleep is through. As the wind is now thrumming With the chance to start afresh. Prompt source… Continue reading Spread your wings

Sunday Tale

TwoLonelySouls, Together They created, The oasis of love, The Eden of mirth, The Isle of ecstasy, The fountain of hope. Together They did, That alone they could not.