A thank you

It's a matter of great joy for me to have an Honourable Mention in SIWO International Poetry Contest. Thank you SIWO , Amulya Bhardwaj & Preeti Gusain for such a challenge!



My poetry handlettered by the brilliant Hannah Vizcarra, etredanslalune on Instagram ( https://instagram.com/etredanslalune__?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=irzkkldys28t)

Haibun Road: a haibun weekly challenge

I have composed a haibun on the the paragraph below: "The moon and sun are eternal travelers. Even the years wander on. A lifetime adrift in a boat or in old age leading a tired horse into the years, every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home. From the earliest times there… Continue reading Haibun Road: a haibun weekly challenge

As Life turns

When life turns, It shows you the way, Paths untread, Now familiar, What was, Now no more. Milestones by the side, Whizzing by. And you move on, Lands blurring by, People in transit, And you, You just move on. A utopian quest, Seeking a cache bountiful, Finding a cloistered niche, Just to rest in solace!… Continue reading As Life turns

Colleen’s 2019 Weekly#Tanka Tuesday#Poetry Challenge No.123#Synonyms only

My synonyms for Meaning& Passion are Ardor and Allusion and my Cinquain is: Ardor, Fury unleashed, Ebbing and surging waves, An allusion to unlit zest, A storm. Via: https://colleenchesebro.com/2019/02/12/colleens-2019-weekly-tanka-tuesday-poetry-challenge-no-123-synonymsonly/

#SIWOPC:SIWO International Poetry Contest Do not turn away

As the leaves ruffled, Whispering gently, The verdant canopy, And dancing trellis, They waltzed, A symphony divine. And a lone blossom, It fell down. The fragile bud, Fragmented now, Staring balefully at the branch, That it crowned, And that danced now with gusto! I picked up the bud, Caressing its petals, Rich in hues, Lush… Continue reading #SIWOPC:SIWO International Poetry Contest Do not turn away

🌈🌈 >> POETRY CONTEST ALERT!!!!! << 🌈🌈


Hey hey hey everyone !!!!!! 🌈


So are you ready to be a part of this exciting opportunity ? ☘️

Grab your chance to show the world how amazing you are! To share your precious poetries and inspire people worldwide! 🌸

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2. Participant must share this post on their blog.

3. Participant can share their entry on our blog, or on their blog and comment the link below, or send us through an email on the email ID given at the end of this post.

4. Use #SIWOPC in your post title and in the subject of the email.

🌈 No theme!!!! Write whatever your…

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A happy chocolate day!!

An ode to chocolate with this double haiku A silky repreive, That deep burst so ecelectic, A pure ecstasy! Banishing my blues, Soothing my inner tempest Leaving tranquil trail!