I can see the sun rise…

I can see the sun rise Over the rooftops of my town. But the darkness lingers In the woods behind me. It drips from broken branches ln ways that only darkness could. The peace has long fled my being, I can feel the talons Of darkness grip my heart. The sun warms the waking world.… Continue reading I can see the sun rise…


My Sprite

I still remember the day I cried. But not with fright, For the nurse shied, And did not show me My little sprite. And when the soft bundle came into my arms, The brown eyes opened wide, Entranced me with their magical light. She let out a wail loud, And I fell in love with… Continue reading My Sprite

Where did the Spring go?

Where did the Spring go? It came and went. I did not come to know. The cuckoo sings, But the melody is tainted with melancholy. Spring was basking under the sweet sun. Spring was running wild in the green Breezing through the gentle tufts of wind rustling through. But where my spring has gone! The… Continue reading Where did the Spring go?

The silent rain

You could hear her sing to the tune of the falling raindrops. She was trying to fight your darkness with her light. But you ran for cover, When she opened up her skies. She made her thunder silent, And learnt to bite her rainy tongue. She devoted her life to you, And filled your life… Continue reading The silent rain

No words….

I got up with a heavy heart. There is a leaden weight around it that is drowning it,pulling it down, suffocating it, throttling it until it's hoarse cries are rendered silent. My heart bleeds at the thought of the pain and agony that the young, minor girl must have gone through. As her picture flashes,… Continue reading No words….

I hope…….

I want to play. I want to sway. I want to go way, Where bright is the day, And no one would slay. I want to undo the fray. Where the pristine air Makes me shine bright. I search the sea. I search the land. I watch the skies In hope to undo the blight.