Shining bright


Amble -Word of the Day Challenge

Amble along the alleys of life, Savouring joys untold, Fathoming the fantasies bold. Unlock the cache of joy, For life is to live to the core, Life's treasure trove brims with exuberant ecstasy all the more. You will smile, If you let yourself smile, And not dampen the euphoric rapture. Behold the beauty of life,… Continue reading Amble -Word of the Day Challenge


A charade we all keep, A mask we all wear, We camouflage, We hide, We do it all to dissemble and disguise. We shy away from our inner selves, Sheathing it below a protocol mire, Cowardly wavering , Fearing the wrath, Quivering in fear at being an outcast. As days go by, The inner You,… Continue reading Hiding

A rare one

She was one of those rare ones, Who could feel the sun on her skin during the coldest winters, For she loved herself, And the whole world loved her for it.

She’s all light and wonder

She thought that she was without beauty, Like a candle devoid of a spark, So she set her feelings on fire. And prayed that it would be her salvation, She was like a river that had run dry, So she filled those cracks with the sweet sound of her laughter. And a flood of tears… Continue reading She’s all light and wonder

Haiku:Walking with life

Losing myself, Walking under the life willows, I did not feel sad.

Daily prompt: Retrospective

I sat alone by my window gazing into the void. I was lost as my mind went back into another time. It was switched into a retrospective mode. I saw myself all charged up,weaving dreams of future,drawing bucket lists of things to do. I never belonged to the cliche set who believed in making an… Continue reading Daily prompt: Retrospective

Daily Prompt: Doppelganger

The doppelganger , I know you not, People say you are me, But I am me. Don't usurp my identity, Don't steal my name. We can still be friends, Even though not in the same frame. Give yourself a chance, Don't follow my fashion and thought, For each of us deserves to leave his footprint… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Doppelganger