Life’s Rant

When life throws a tantrum,

Raving and ranting,

Bubbling a cauldron of angst,

Spouting a vented fury,

I panic and fret,

As all goes for a toss!

And I let out a big sigh,

And simply let the tempests blow.

Lightings shall crack the dark sky,

As thunders rage across,

Ripping across the dusky darkness,

Forking our to meet the silent lands,

Etching out unseen white paths,

That showed way,

To a lost soul in the melee.

Just hold the forte,

For the storm,

It shall bring with it the reprieve,

It will shower you with solace,

Its blinding incandescence,

It shall shroud all simmering clouds,

That will rain down mannah,

Cooling the simmering turmoil,

Washing away all blues,

Deluging the mind’s caverns,

With pearly droplets of joyful hue.

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