Just hold on

Life a melange,

A pot -pourrie of love,

Subtle and soft,

Fragrant calm,


That rippled fear,

That tearful torrent,

That maelstrom of emotions.

Infusing that mindless lacuna,

Filling it to brim,

With joyful repertoire.

Dark times,

Shaded shadows,

Gloomy hopes,


Dashing all life inside.


Only then,

We look inside,

Seeking solace,

From that cloistered cache.

Smiling again,

As the ambrosial ecstasy,

Pulsating inside,

Pervades our soul,

Giving us courage,

To brave the tide and the tempest,

Telling us to hold on.


Some day,

The tides would be calm,


You would gambol along.

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