Memories – a tanka prose

Good day to everyone!
Its been some days that I have tapped at my keyboard. Battled and weary,I was down with Covid.
All this days I have not been in a state of lacuna, confused and anxious. And sleep has gone for a toss. Yesterday, my mind in a tizzy,I just walked and sat by the promenade,the salty air blowing away my blues.I watched the endless expanse of blue staring at me in utmost peace. The roll of high waves far from horizon ,a rhythmic rise and fall of crests and unseen troughs deep below worked up a roaring symphony that sent my cryogenic frozen mind pulsating. I watched in awe as one mighty wave after the other crashed on the dark rocks and ebbed back in a serene whirl.
An unbroken sequence of melody and a dance of the waves just left me feeling better and I took the moment with me as I walked away.

etched in my mind's eye
memories recount a tale
entrenched in their lap-
i listen in trance to sleep
in solace as thunder rolls

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