Lockdown Day 21

Today was another day of the lockdown.

I finished my daily chores and raided the book closet. It contains some very old books,some of them my own.

I found old Enid Blytons,Famous Fives and Secret Sevens Some yellowed with time,leafed pages turned and folded still in some places.

It took me back to old times when these were my best friends and I would be holed up in a shady corner of my terrace and lost in their intrigues and adventures.

It was an enchanting world.

I still remember The Wishing Chair and other magical stories that kept me entranced me for hours.

And not to forget The Mallory Towers and St Clares series.

I loved the Mam’zelle in these series.

It was a beautiful world out there. Not harsh, but empathetic and loving.

I even found the Heidi.

Just leafing through them bought a smile to my lips and bolstered my dreary spirits.

If you find your old favourite books,do share!

Stay home and stay safe!

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