Lockdown Day 22

Each day is a new learning experience. As you go through the modicum of life, you realise that there is an immense pool of resilience inside. You just need to see it and tap this vital source of inner energy. It lies latent and hidden under covers that we don.

Confined to one place and staring at same four walls, you tend to ruminate inside and see your inner self.

You may feel listless but that sage soul would counsel you.

Listen to that voice and you will feel better.

You might think that I am just rambling on.

But a fatigue had set in me and I was listless.

I closed my eyes and let my inner self soothe away all restlessness.

These days will go away and you will laugh and tell tales of them in future.

Do what makes you happy.

I looked out of my balcony to see the deep blue sky on a sunny day as eagles circled the skies,awaiting to scoop down and birds chirping. I just stood there and stared simply doing nothing and thinking nothing.

Maybe just putting everything on a stop for sometime gives you a break and you feel lightened.

How are all of you coping with the extended days of lockdown?

Stay home and stay safe!

4 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 22”

  1. I think you are right. There is an inner voice. sometimes if we are silent it will speak to us . Sometimes it just allows us to hear the sounds of birds, of wind in the trees. It is nice to slow down and listen.

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