The New Arrivals – Image by KL Caley

The circle of life begins where it ends,

Traversing those meandering trails,

You return to where you began,

Deceptive de-tours and paths,

Laughed aloud in your face,

For nothing much changed,

You moved on along the cirque.

The circle of life goes on.

Undaunted, and undeterred,

It is not broken by Hercules’s strength,

Nor bewitched by Sorcerer’s Stone.

Spontaneously,it goes on,

For it is deemed to do so.

You are stupefied by travails, big and small,

But wheel of life around you,

It circumvents the horizon,

As if nothing could go wrong,

Or faze the Nature’s stupendous maze.

Looking back with nostalgia,

A smile on your lips and eyes watery,

You reminisce the days gone by.

And then you wonder how the time just flew by,

Memories of another day still fresh,

When you were so young and naive,

Credulously believing in the good of life,

Loving those around.

But the wheels of time turned you around,

Buffeted and splashed,

You are now weathered and seasoned,

But still in a tiny crevice in the abyss of your heart,

Lives that young soul that does not want to grow up.


10 thoughts on “NaPoWri Mo 2021#WRITEPHOTO- NEWBORNS”

    1. Thank you for your appreciation.
      Actually,I was quite groggy after the covid vaccine jab today and was not sure of what to write.
      But the lovely pic just set the thoughts rolling.


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