Holding on

She clutched his pictures tightly to her chest, For these photos were the only way, She could hold on to his fleeting memories, She wanted to never let go of the wonderful man in her pictures, Her camera had frozen him in time, She took solace in the fact that the frame would contain the… Continue reading  Holding on

The secret superstar

She is a secret superstar. She will dazzle you unseen. Her wand will do its magic, cast its spell without even you catching a whiff of it. You don’t eat the greens. But she will make you eat them without you knowing it in your favourite pasta. She will load the immune boosting papaya into… Continue reading The secret superstar

The SHE in IndieShe

When God added the S to the He, it became She. What is this S? Smart and singular. Spry and scintillating. Spunky and sensuous. Staunch and steady. Staunch and spiritual. Stirring and stupendous. Studious and sagacious. Sanguine and sassy. Savvy and scholarly. Serene and sublime. Self -assured and self-confident. Self- sacrificing and sentimental. Silken and… Continue reading The SHE in IndieShe