Wednesday Workout#4. #29 January,2020

What happens when you try a fine day? They creak and rumble. The muscles get jammed and refuse to let go of their prolonged state of blissful inertia. Your tyres flounce around angrily as you try to decimate them. You are all set up and charged. You have found your old yoga mat from the… Continue reading Wednesday Workout#4. #29 January,2020

Wednesday Workout#4,22Jan,2020.

As your heart palpitates,beads of sweat drop from your forehead and your cheeks suffused red, you are in an euphoric state. With all your nerves tingling and powered,you are ready to take on the world. As your work- out works you up,you dig into the hidden layers of adipose tissue for some extra boost of… Continue reading Wednesday Workout#4,22Jan,2020.

Wednesday workout#3,15January,2020.

Our work out teaches us some great life lessons Work out to work your life out. Work out for their are no gains without pains. As you work out day after day,those impossible lunges and crunches become your warm-up. Work out to shed some sweat for success is 99 percent perspiration and 1 percent inspiration.… Continue reading Wednesday workout#3,15January,2020.

Wednesday Workout#1# 2 Jan,2020.

A couch - potato, A life sublime, Contented, Satiated. Holding covetously to what I had, Not striving to no more. Watched the frenzy around, As everyone raced to get ahead, I disdainfully nodded my head. As others won laurels, I was awarded titles, A plethora of names, And the subject of so many memes, And… Continue reading Wednesday Workout#1# 2 Jan,2020.