No time to stand and stare

Yesterday was a hot sultry day as usual. Feeding claustrophobic,I decided to go out for a whiff of fresh air. As I stepped down,my eye caught this white cat that had crowned itself atop the roof of a red car. Its pristine white fur dabbled with shades of brown looked resplendant in fading light. It… Continue reading No time to stand and stare

She was a whisperer

The words were caught in her throat, And the years of the unutterable thoughts, Crammed in every nook and cranny of her mind. She was a whisperer, But she was finally free, From the manacles of silence. But, There is no weakness in being silent, She listens to understand, As you burden her with your… Continue reading She was a whisperer

The sun shall rise

She unlived the life, That she did not want to live. She untied the knots, That shackled her tight. She undid all, That tormented her soul. She unfurled new hopes, As she buried her dormant ones. She learnt new songs, As she unlearnt all the sonnets of pain. She erased the past, As she wrote… Continue reading The sun shall rise

The placebo effect

I often wonder why relationships don't remain the same? Why does love and affection fall prey to the vicissitudes of time? We spend our lives nurturing a relationship,building it brick by brick with care and deliberation. Then we rest easy because we are sure that our edifice will withstand the storms. But it falls down… Continue reading The placebo effect


She looked askance, With so much faith and love, And to mentor such a mind, All you needed was to hold the hand, And walk along. No questions asked, No limits set, She took what I gave.

Wander Lust

My mind is a vagabond, For it loves to wander, And go beyond the yonder, To lands unknown and strange. It loves to meander everywhere, But it refuses to ponder, It breaks free, It brazenly forays into realms wild. It wants to dig deep into all the niches, It unlocks all the cloistered conundrums, It… Continue reading Wander Lust

Wilted Lily

One day, You told me, That we are all as fragile as glass, And our lives are stretched too thin. So why I did not pay heed to your advice? The shards left elaborate patterns on my skin, The scars that dot the length of my arm, Run too deep to forget. Despite the wilted… Continue reading Wilted Lily

Meet Pooja

Pooja, who goes by the name of Pooh (not the bear) is the quintessential young girl with red and purple highlights in her waist length hair.  She loves to wear ripped jeans and crop tops and has a skull shaped tattoo on her wrist much to the chagrin of her mother. Her day begins at… Continue reading Meet Pooja

You turn around and see him following you and….

Why should you feel guilty when you are not the culprit? Why should you remain quiet when you are the victim? But the most important question is why should you be the victim?