No time to stand and stare

Yesterday was a hot sultry day as usual. Feeding claustrophobic,I decided to go out for a whiff of fresh air. As I stepped down,my eye caught this white cat that had crowned itself atop the roof of a red car. Its pristine white fur dabbled with shades of brown looked resplendant in fading light. It… Continue reading No time to stand and stare

Life is…….

Now here and gone tomorrow! Who knows what the sun rise of the next day has in store for you? We don't even know what will happen in the next second. Man claims to have mastered Science. He may have crossed the seven seas. He may have reached the moon. He may have crossed the… Continue reading Life is…….

Monday Musings:Closed Coterie

The mutual admiration society is a closed coterie. Entry is restricted and trespassers are prosecuted. They will share everything under the sun. All inane trivialities are exchanged in hushed tones. They will not lift a glass for you but move mountains for each other. They will suck up to each other so much that it… Continue reading Monday Musings:Closed Coterie