Hospitable:Ragtag Daily Prompt

Hospitable! How do you define it? Looking after your guests,being friendly and cordial to them! This is the literal meaning. And metaphorically,the connotations are many. Hospitable means to have a large heart that is full of love and joy. It means to make more out of less. It gives you a sense of satiety that… Continue reading Hospitable:Ragtag Daily Prompt


The serried twists, The sharp turns, They bend so close, In deep folds. I walk along in tremulous fear, Gingerly circumventing the folds, The sharp edges bite into my soul, Ripping it at its core. On the two sides, An endless abyss, Rolling into infinite caverns, Stretching into deep gorges. My eyes swim with tears… Continue reading RDP#33:Serried

Milestone-Ragtag Daily Prompt

Walking on the roads of life, Meandering through its mundane alleys, I want to remember each step I make. I mark my steps, Afraid to dither, But the milestone beckons me hither. It tells me,a weary traveller, I trudge along, The milestone budging me to move on. It's a stony edifice, It's my shining beacon,… Continue reading Milestone-Ragtag Daily Prompt