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tides charm away storms, as you surf the sea of life, steering away harm. Via:

Daily Prompt – JusJoJan the 16th, 2022

prompt for JusJoJan January 16th, 2022, is “ridiculous.” Fool -a limerick Man a ridiculous fool,Always feigned to be cool,Donning a charade to win hearts,But all he got back were nasty darts,Still adeptly milked all that ridicule Via:

Delve deep(a senryu)

We have a lot of construction activity going all around in full flurry. Huge cranes pounding deep into ground 24×7. Each thrust shudders around and it seems that a someone is drilling right through to you. A monsterous pestle pounding life out of you. And on the bright side,digging out what needs to be dug… Continue reading Delve deep(a senryu)

Sunset ( a cinquain)

Looking at the the dying rays of the sun at the end of the day,I realised that beauty is temporary and fleeting. But it is the radiant sunrise next day that teaches us to persevere and relish its beauty once again. Cinquain sun sets rays amber hued golden beauty fleeting it rises to shine more… Continue reading Sunset ( a cinquain)