One-Liner Wednesday/JusJoJan the 13th, 2021 – Snow Carolers

"When everything is soft and pristine white,the snow carolers celebrate the light of love with notes that touch our soul." Via:

A solicit

Destiny, Now kind, Bountiful blessings, Showered, Manifold. Enamoured, Cosseted, I snuggle, In its warm embrace, The numb chill, Warmed in its eternal brace. The dark and dreary days, Now far-fetched, A hazy memory, Faintly imprinted in mind's caverns. As the tides turn, Sunny days lighten my world, A sheath of pristine joy, Cavalcades through my… Continue reading A solicit

Spiritual  Sojourn,Day 4

On the fourth day, Goddess Durga ismeans worshipped as Kushmanda. Her name  'cosmic egg.' According to mythology, she created universe out of nothing when there was perpetual darkness. She smiled like a flower and Lord Vishnu could start creating this universe as the bud blossomed. She has eight hands holding a kamandal, mace, bow and… Continue reading Spiritual  Sojourn,Day 4

Monday Musings and the Spiritual Sojourn-Day 2

Today is the 2nd day of Navratri. Goddess Durga is worshipped as Brahmacharini. She holds a rosary hand and a kamandal in the left. She did long and an arduous penance to obtain Shiva as her consort. She is a symbol of loyalty, and wisdom and blesses you with moral courage and emotional strength. We… Continue reading Monday Musings and the Spiritual Sojourn-Day 2