If tomorrow will come

As I stand at the cusp, I pause and think. What had gone by, Its kaleidoscope whirred in mind's eye. Those buried dreams,those inane desires, Those silly joys, Long gone and dead, Now get a whiff of life, Make tarried movements, As they rouse from their hoary slumber. I reminisce our camaraderie, How we wove… Continue reading If tomorrow will come

Her story

If you look on the sidelines, In the dark corners, You'll find her, Hidden by her mane, Her nose in a book. With her head in the clouds, Hiding her feelings, Away from the world, If you sat by her, While the world passed you by, She would tell you a story. Behind the pain… Continue reading Her story

When the tempest died down

The tempest died down, The stormy winds now pacified, Their anger dissipated, They no longer whistle that hollow rumble. They blow sweet and satiated, The gentle rustle, Creating a melody in symphony. The trees tired after the dance in the gale, Now repose in still slumber. The branches brown and bare, Stare at the leaves… Continue reading When the tempest died down

May be……

The dark clouds hovering on the grey sky, The sun blotted out. The air dead and calm. An eerie stillness all around, Shackling its claws sharp and profound. She stood in the eye of the storm, Impervious to tumult around. The myriad grains of scattered thoughts, Embroiling her, Taunting her, Laughing at her, Telling her… Continue reading May be……

The deadly game

With cards close to the chest, They hug them tight. They pretend to lose to win, Raising the stakes. They win your trust, To build their own bridges. They sweep the game through, For you have lost it all.


I can see the sun, Rising over the rooftops of my town, But the darkness lingers in the forest behind me. It drips from broken branches, Only in ways that only darkness could. The peace has long fled my being, I can feel the talons of darkness, They grip my heart. The sun warms the… Continue reading Forest

Nothing remains same

Things between us are not always as they once were, All that we can see now is a reflection of the night. Before the streetlights stole the stars, I yearn to explore the unexplored, But I'm like a daisy, That blooms in small caches, Amidst this concrete forest.

Stories to tell

I have got her stories pressed like flowers, On notebook pages to be preserved, As though the right for you to share them, Has been as yet undeserved. I want to know why she has changed, But one day, we'll crack the covers, And I'll know all the tales of her, That we have never… Continue reading Stories to tell

No words….

I got up with a heavy heart. There is a leaden weight around it that is drowning it,pulling it down, suffocating it, throttling it until it's hoarse cries are rendered silent. My heart bleeds at the thought of the pain and agony that the young, minor girl must have gone through. As her picture flashes,… Continue reading No words….

You turn around and see him following you and….

Why should you feel guilty when you are not the culprit? Why should you remain quiet when you are the victim? But the most important question is why should you be the victim?