The sun shall rise

She unlived the life, That she did not want to live. She untied the knots, That shackled her tight. She undid all, That tormented her soul. She unfurled new hopes, As she buried her dormant ones. She learnt new songs, As she unlearnt all the sonnets of pain. She erased the past, As she wrote… Continue reading The sun shall rise

The placebo effect

I often wonder why relationships don't remain the same? Why does love and affection fall prey to the vicissitudes of time? We spend our lives nurturing a relationship,building it brick by brick with care and deliberation. Then we rest easy because we are sure that our edifice will withstand the storms. But it falls down… Continue reading The placebo effect


As we toss and turn, In the rapids of life, We are chiselled fine. Life, It teaches us many a lesson, In rapid fire and fast, We lose some and gain some. As we sway in rapid torrent, We savour each tumble, For in each fumble, We learn not to stumble. Just go with flow,… Continue reading Rapid

Wander Lust

My mind is a vagabond, For it loves to wander, And go beyond the yonder, To lands unknown and strange. It loves to meander everywhere, But it refuses to ponder, It breaks free, It brazenly forays into realms wild. It wants to dig deep into all the niches, It unlocks all the cloistered conundrums, It… Continue reading Wander Lust

Nothing remains same

Things between us are not always as they once were, All that we can see now is a reflection of the night. Before the streetlights stole the stars, I yearn to explore the unexplored, But I'm like a daisy, That blooms in small caches, Amidst this concrete forest.

Stories to tell

I have got her stories pressed like flowers, On notebook pages to be preserved, As though the right for you to share them, Has been as yet undeserved. I want to know why she has changed, But one day, we'll crack the covers, And I'll know all the tales of her, That we have never… Continue reading Stories to tell

My Sprite

I still remember the day I cried, But not with fright, For the nurse shied, And did not show me My little sprite. And when the soft bundle came into my arms, The brown eyes opened wide, Entranced me with their magical light. She let out a wail loud, And I fell in love with… Continue reading My Sprite