Finding yourself

She had learnt how to love herself, And that was the most dangerous weapon of all. She changed the hoary paradigms, As she set precursors new. New beginnings, Distant shores, Lands beyond and unknown, She strove to find her lot.


All the world's a stage , And I am a thespian, Hiding behind a hundred different masks, And none to unmask the real me .

Someday and Sometime

Someday and sometime, And somewhere, You will find your moorings. You will meander along the cobbled plains, Braving the buffeting, Riding the tempestuous wave, And chiselled refined. Reflections galore, Musings manifold, Memories distant unfold, Myriad flashes in symphony. All roll before you, As you drift along. You hold on to them tight, Seeking solace, For… Continue reading Someday and Sometime

When the tempest died down

The tempest died down, The stormy winds now pacified, Their anger dissipated, They no longer whistle that hollow rumble. They blow sweet and satiated, The gentle rustle, Creating a melody in symphony. The trees tired after the dance in the gale, Now repose in still slumber. The branches brown and bare, Stare at the leaves… Continue reading When the tempest died down

May be……

The dark clouds hovering on the grey sky, The sun blotted out. The air dead and calm. An eerie stillness all around, Shackling its claws sharp and profound. She stood in the eye of the storm, Impervious to tumult around. The myriad grains of scattered thoughts, Embroiling her, Taunting her, Laughing at her, Telling her… Continue reading May be……

Under the starry skies

Under the starry skies, I walked into unknown lands, Weaving dreams big and small. I was afloat with unbounded zest, I wanted to grow new wings to fly, I was not daunted by strange things and new. Flushed with bubbling fantasies, I grew new plumes to fly yonder. I wanted to do more, I wanted… Continue reading Under the starry skies


I can see the sun, Rising over the rooftops of my town, But the darkness lingers in the forest behind me. It drips from broken branches, Only in ways that only darkness could. The peace has long fled my being, I can feel the talons of darkness, They grip my heart. The sun warms the… Continue reading Forest

Verses on a colour palette

These words of mine have been been beautifully calligraphed by etredanslalune on Instagram

Life is…….

Now here and gone tomorrow! Who knows what the sun rise of the next day has in store for you? We don't even know what will happen in the next second. Man claims to have mastered Science. He may have crossed the seven seas. He may have reached the moon. He may have crossed the… Continue reading Life is…….

Stories to tell

I have got her stories pressed like flowers, On notebook pages to be preserved, As though the right for you to share them, Has been as yet undeserved. I want to know why she has changed, But one day, we'll crack the covers, And I'll know all the tales of her, That we have never… Continue reading Stories to tell