Lockdown Day 25

Today was another day! It seems that we are getting used to state of inactivity and confinement. Our senses are being conditioned to sounds of silence. Our inner self is basking in the hiatus though forced. Always in a rush, we do things at a leisurely pace for no deadlines are to be met. But… Continue reading Lockdown Day 25

Lockdown Day 24

Today rose bright and sunny.Summer is knocking at the door. And beads of sweat trail down as you work.I stood on my weighing scale after a number of days and was delighted to see the scale down. Sometimes good does happen out of dire situations.I stood in the balcony watching the scene outside.And on the… Continue reading Lockdown Day 24

Lockdown Day 23

Staying in is taking its toll now. Nerves frayed and edginess and fatigue both physical and mental has taken root. I just long to hide in a hole and sleep for hours. High hopes! I give myself a mental shake. "Shake it off," I scold myself aloud. I take a pen and paper and draw… Continue reading Lockdown Day 23

Lockdown Day 20

The day began as usual with the flurry of household activity. I break the drudgery by putting on some favourite tunes and finish the jobs mindlessly. My mind seems in a limbo. I am running out of coffee which I have not been able to find in my grocery shopping trips. I am thinking of… Continue reading Lockdown Day 20

Lockdown Day 19

Today was a hot and humid day. And sitting cooped up inside was stifling. There was no breeze. It seemed that all universe had gone into a lull. The birds made some noise as the television set blared aloud. The random sound of building lift door being opened and closed made a welcome change. I… Continue reading Lockdown Day 19

Lockdown Day 17 and 18

Life moves on in clockwork manner. Glued to news,we are just grateful to Almighty for being safe. All the problems that come along have to be borne. The lockdown has inculcated a strong sense of fortitude. There is no need to panic. We have to be careful. There are so many people out there battling… Continue reading Lockdown Day 17 and 18

Lockdown Days 15 and 16

Days are settled into a clockwork monotony. People are posting stories of doing many great things as they have so much time. But I think that they are doing so just to garner media attention. It is a filtered show to maintain their lnstagram audience. We all know the days goes in house work needed… Continue reading Lockdown Days 15 and 16

Lockdown Day 14

Days have lost their names. All are same. I got this forward and laughed Everyone is biding time. I sit in a quiet corner as everyone else is busy in their own stuff. Each century has its share of turmoil. Previous century saw world wars, pandemics,famines, floods etc. Our times are dotted too with wars,… Continue reading Lockdown Day 14

Lockdown Day 13

A tiring day! I was feeling restless and cooped up. And took it out by going on a cleaning frenzy. I worked like a maniac just blocking out everything. It kept me busy and prevented me from checking the Corona news again and again! Casualties are increasing. We are keeping our fingers crossed. After so… Continue reading Lockdown Day 13

Lockdown Day 12

A usual day. I stir fried some veggies and grilled tofu and seasoned it spicy. The whole family sat down together catching up. Old albums which had been consigned to some forgotten conner were dug out. It was fun going over those albums,rekindling old memories and lot of nostalgia. How the time had flown? Many… Continue reading Lockdown Day 12