Twittering Tales#110-13 November 2018

The mother and its offspring is a tale that crosses all boundaries of species. A mother loves her baby,her replica. She hovers around it casting a protective sheath. Her baby is her golden fleece. She cherishes it,nurtures it. Her child tells the story of her life (261 characters) Via:

Twittering Tales#109-6

She stared at the empty frame, a replica of void in her life. Her loved ones whom she had given her all had robbed her of all hues. She was a blank canvas awaiting a splash of colours. But she swathed herself in pink and purple blossoms that lent her hope and new shades of… Continue reading Twittering Tales#109-6

Twittering Tales#105-9October

The keys on the typewriters rusty as no one touched them. Relics of history,they were consigned to the arid plains of oblivion. Epitome of grander times,when you ruled the keyboard. Time has turned. The travesty of our times that keys rule us ,more smaller and smarter. (267 characters) Via :

Twittering Tales#104 2 October,2018

The murals told the tales of distant past long gone .Men then fought and killed each other. All glory laid to dust. The myriad figures stand alone. But the story has not changed. Men still keep on fighting and killing each other. And the stony walls blood washed shine anew. (272 characters) Via:

Twittering Tales#103-25 September-2018

The Wishing Tree was once lush and green. Tiny birds crooned and ambled on its wavy branches. Their nests hung in myriad shapes. A microcosm of life! But man made the world his own and life a travesty! The leaves withered and birds left. Now costly shoes hung on the dried branches Via:

Twittering Tales #102 – Broken Barbies – 18 September 2018

She loved her Barbies with their blonde hair and flouncy dresses. The world was all pink and lovely. As she stepped out into the wide world, all she saw was grey. The beauty was the beast and blessed with a ubiquitous plastic presence. Her Barbies were of yore were no more. By Via: