Fun Friday

The lion roared, The dragons sleighed, Batoned down by a superhero And all seen over a pan fried pizza.😀😀


Let us dream

When your mind is in a state of suspended animation, Let your thoughts flow far and wide. Open the doors, Unlock the windows, See far and hear more. Let new sights imprint themselves, And splash their hues on the blank canvas of your mind. Let new decibels be recorded in the archives inside. There is… Continue reading Let us dream

Celebrating 200 Followers

I am excited on reaching this milestone! Thank you dear fellow bloggers for your unwavering support. It is a beautiful journey to grow and learn more about life.

Daily prompt – Vague

Vague are the vagaries of life, They tell us To silence us. They show us To blind us. They lead us To mislead. Vague emotions And nameless turmoils, Make you fall in the vortex of life. The cauldron of life Brims over With life emoticons All over. Source :

Spread your wings

I am unfurling my wings As the cold has stopped Seeping into my skin. I am learning to partake In the small joys of life. For I can finally feel, The spring in my fingertips. The time to sleep is through. As the wind is now thrumming With the chance to start afresh. Prompt source… Continue reading Spread your wings