Twittering Tales#104 2 October,2018

The murals told the tales of distant past long gone .Men then fought and killed each other. All glory laid to dust. The myriad figures stand alone. But the story has not changed. Men still keep on fighting and killing each other. And the stony walls blood washed shine anew. (272 characters) Via:


My timeline

Aeons ago, What happened, Then it mattered. And now, It is a faint memory, Consigned to a dark corner, A relic! It's facade swathed with sheaths, Sheaths of new memories, Myriad feelings, Cobwebbed and meshed. As I blow away the dust of memories, I gasp and choke. But those years remain a distant blur, I… Continue reading My timeline

RonovanWrites#Weekly#Haiku#Poetry Prompt#Challenge#220 He&She

A conundrum vast, He and she a paradox, But one heart and soul. Via :

Twittering Tales#103-25 September-2018

The Wishing Tree was once lush and green. Tiny birds crooned and ambled on its wavy branches. Their nests hung in myriad shapes. A microcosm of life! But man made the world his own and life a travesty! The leaves withered and birds left. Now costly shoes hung on the dried branches Via:


When life throws questions to you, And you have no answers. When you try to solve the puzzles, And the conundrum becomes all the more enigmatic. When you try to untie the knots, And the mesh Is all the more tangled. When you try to simplify, And it becomes more complex. When you want to… Continue reading Questions

RonovanWrites#Weekly#Haiku#Poetry Prompt#Challenge#219 Charge& Reason

Charge your inner zeal, Let mind's reason resonate, As your spirits soar. Via:

FOWC With Fandango-Bottle (a cinquain)

My heart, My soul's bottle, Gushing out love torrents, But leaving void recesses in I cry. Via :

Carnival- Word of the Day Challenge -a haiku

Life a carnival, Mirth shaded melancholy, As salty tears dance. Via: