A calm repose, Placid waters, Rhythmic rippled mirth, Rolling in myriad shapes. The cerulean expanse, Embracing, Pervading, Absorbing the joys around, The detached Cumulus clouds, Finding a home in the idyllic retreat, Safely enconsced. My turbulent soul looked on, Bereft, Trying to find a tranquil niche. The serene vibes, Infusing inside, Placating the stormy surges,… Continue reading Detached

Happiness did I greet..

Soulful tunes in the serene spring, Sweeping through soft whispering trees, Luscious notes echoed to appease, That make my heart merrily sing, As all dark worries take a wing. Redolent with love pure and sweet, An ambrosial rhythm did it tweet, Infusing into my deep core, Purging it of all its furore, So that happiness… Continue reading Happiness did I greet..

#TankaTuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge: #Poet’s choice

I have written a sequence of  Lanturne. It is a verse of 5 lines shaped like a Japaneselantern with a syllabic pattern of 1/2/3/4/1. Light of Life hope'stinygrains gleam topaint rhapsodyrhythm Shapesof life'sdeep beauty-a euphonygleams shadesmerge inharmony-life's paletteone Via :

Perhaps…..journey goes on …

You long to be part of what you are made of,Crossing the realm of divide,Shedding the false pretences and camouflages. Befriending that lonely soul you chose to shun.Doing what the world wanted,Keeping up the masked charade. You forgot that silent voice whispering softly in dreams,unheard in loud cacophony. Now you hear its mellifluous notes,They strike… Continue reading Perhaps…..journey goes on …

Walk into Wild

Photo by Grafixart_photo Samir BELHAMRA from Pexels My soul remembers how beautiful the world used to be, When you could see the constellations in the sky, Before you were blinded by crimson city lights, But now the grey sky hangs low and heavy, Like a blanket draped over the pines, The air feels smaller and claustrophobic, Like I… Continue reading Walk into Wild


Donna Matthews from D J last month’s challenge picked the theme: EXPEDITION. I have written a Cadence on the above theme. Cadence created by Ella Cunningham, is a heptastich, a poem in 7 lines with with1/2/3/4/4/8/5 syllables per line. It is unrhymed, but end words should be no articles or prepositions. Hope's expedition fell… Continue reading #TANKATUESDAY WEEKLY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 236, #THEMEPROMPT


Jules has picked this month's theme as "Discovery". I have attempted a Tanka on the above theme. seeking love each day utopian quest endless selflessly she gave- to be bestowed with deep pain inciting self love sublime Via : Tanka Tuesday