Lockdown Day 35 & 36

Days are going by. Numbers are rising. The fear that lockdown may be extended is in the air. Tempers are rising and people are edgy. Yesterday there was a fight in the Society Whatsapp group. People were complaining about cats and dog in the complex that have been there for past several years. And the… Continue reading Lockdown Day 35 & 36

Lockdown Days 32;33;&34

I could not put down the last three days because I had slipped and hurt myself. So many days in confinement make me wonder of the times when I used to step out at the slightest excuse. I loved just walking through sometimes bustling and sometimes empty roads watching the avid shoppers and noisy shopkeepers… Continue reading Lockdown Days 32;33;&34

Lockdown Day 31

Today was another day! I got up late because my sleep does a disappearing act nowadays in the deep of night. And when the dawn breaks,all you want to do is to snuggle deep into the duvet! But you get up cussing and morose for there is so much to do! The day was warm… Continue reading Lockdown Day 31

Lockdown Day 28

Nearly a month of long confinement is over. I can proudly pat on my back for adhering to it .l have stepped out twice only for essentials. There have been some bad times when I have felt stifled and overwhelmed. But I have managed to sail through them and now I feel that I have… Continue reading Lockdown Day 28

Lockdown Day 27

Days are flying by meaninglessly. Its like you are stranded in a deep pit with no way out. And an eerie feeling of stillness persists. And the hot weather is also sapping the energy. Its like you are drowned in your own sweat as you work around the house. But ranting will not solve the… Continue reading Lockdown Day 27

Lockdown Day 25

Today was another day! It seems that we are getting used to state of inactivity and confinement. Our senses are being conditioned to sounds of silence. Our inner self is basking in the hiatus though forced. Always in a rush, we do things at a leisurely pace for no deadlines are to be met. But… Continue reading Lockdown Day 25

Lockdown Day 24

Today rose bright and sunny.Summer is knocking at the door. And beads of sweat trail down as you work.I stood on my weighing scale after a number of days and was delighted to see the scale down. Sometimes good does happen out of dire situations.I stood in the balcony watching the scene outside.And on the… Continue reading Lockdown Day 24