A happy chocolate day!!

An ode to chocolate with this double haiku A silky repreive, That deep burst so ecelectic, A pure ecstasy! Banishing my blues, Soothing my inner tempest Leaving tranquil trail!

Verses on a colour palette

These words of mine have been been beautifully calligraphed by etredanslalune on Instagram

Wander Lust

My mind is a vagabond, For it loves to wander, And go beyond the yonder, To lands unknown and strange. It loves to meander everywhere, But it refuses to ponder, It breaks free, It brazenly forays into realms wild. It wants to dig deep into all the niches, It unlocks all the cloistered conundrums, It… Continue reading Wander Lust

Celebrating 200 Followers

I am excited on reaching this milestone! Thank you dear fellow bloggers for your unwavering support. It is a beautiful journey to grow and learn more about life.

Spread your wings

I am unfurling my wings, As the cold has stopped, Seeping into my skin. I am learning to partake, In the small joys of life Fo I can finally feel, The spring in my fingertips. The time to sleep is through, As the wind is now thrumming, With the chance to start afresh.

Where did the Spring go?

Where did the Spring go? It came and went, I did not come to know. The cuckoo sings, A melancholy tainted melody. Spring was basking under the sweet sun, Running wild in the green, Breezing through the gentle tufts of wind. But where my spring has gone! The angry sun pelts down fire, It singes… Continue reading Where did the Spring go?

      Sunday Surmise

A day in week when everything is rosy hued. You want to wallow in bed till the gong strikes noon, And be to the telly glued. You don't want to run the shower. And under the water you cower! You don't want to cook or clean, For it is a day to let go of… Continue reading Sunday Surmise