JusJoJan prompt the 28th – “Beach”

Leaving footprints on the sands of time, The blue waters caressing the sands on beach, Erasing what we carefully left, Mocking us, For etching on the shores that were not ours. Waves rolled from afar, Furious and loud, Venting fury on sands, That dared their realm, To host alien steps on their shores, That had… Continue reading JusJoJan prompt the 28th – “Beach”

The Friday Reminder for #SoCS & #JusJoJan 2021 Daily Prompt – Jan. 30th

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “the beginning, the end.” Write about the beginning of something and the end of something. Bonus points if your first sentence contains “the end” and your last sentence contains “the beginning.” Days of travail now ending, They swept you in their tide, A passive trance… Continue reading The Friday Reminder for #SoCS & #JusJoJan 2021 Daily Prompt – Jan. 30th

#JusJoJan prompt the 28th – “Storm”

Sea of life, Absorbs all you give, Raging storms, Rising tides, Lofty,wild and dark waves, Crashing and eroding, Stony cliffs to leaving their mark, And returning back all debris, That had defiled it's core. Via : https://lindaghill.com/2021/01/28/jusjojan-prompt-the-28th-storm/

One-Liner Wednesday/JusJoJan the 27th, 2021 – Vampires

Undead like a pale vampire,she learnt to hide here warm tears waltzing to cacophony around for no one ever understood that she was born to be as bold as an unleashed tempest. Via: https://lindaghill.com/2021/01/27/one-liner-wednesday-jusjojan-the-27th-2021-vampires/

#JusJoJan prompt the 26th – “Shutter”

Strange is this new world! Anonymous fear, All pervading, A fragile trust, Wary trepidation, Lonely roads, Shuttered and desolate, Caged minds, Barred souls, Afar. Bonhomie vanished, No festive fire, A melancholic moroseness, A pallid gloom. As we pray for days of yore, When life was a celebration, A momentous jubilation. Via: https://lindaghill.com/2021/01/26/jusjojan-prompt-the-26th-shutter/

#JusJoJan prompt the 24th – “Trigger”

The golden shaft, Mesmerised the blue expanse, Teased the grey waters with myriad hues, Luminescent, the seas lit up. As it converged,it radiated sheen, The sheen that showed the way, The way to heaven, Heaven where the darkness was dispelled. The infinite palette dashed with fiery orange, Seemed to take solace in the the placid… Continue reading #JusJoJan prompt the 24th – “Trigger”

#JusJoJan 23 & #SoCS – From

Life can be as radiant as sunbeams, It can be a salty downpour of emotions, From dewy moist eyes, Cascading down your cheeks. You will only learn how to be buoyant, When you have drowned in the sea of sorrows. Life can teach you hard lessons, But even the dark hued roses, Need the warm… Continue reading #JusJoJan 23 & #SoCS – From


Hold your heartache to light, For the world needs to see, How it thrums with life, Despite how limp it may be. When you think that you can’t go on, Just place your hand where your heart is, Listen to it pulsating in deep rhythm, Let it infuse new zeal in your doused zeal, And… Continue reading https://lindaghill.com/2021/01/22/jusjojan-prompt-the-22nd-limp/

#JusJoJan prompt the 21st – “Spell”

An insidious wave of ecstasy, It overwhelmed her soul. What was once a forbidden fruit, It was now hers to relish. She had the courage, That shattered that illusory glass, That encaged her spirit in its shimmery visage. She scrubbed off the gloss, She did it hard, She did it long. She reached to the… Continue reading #JusJoJan prompt the 21st – “Spell”