"It’s the first of the month and Word Crafters, choose their own poetry form about Yule, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, and any festival or tradition celebrated during the month of December or something meaningful as we go into the dark days of winter." I have attempted a double Choka When Sun froze cold seeps through my… Continue reading TANKATUESDAY WEEKLY POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 255: #POET’SCHOICE (WITH A TWIST)

Celebrating Life

A medley of thoughts, And a whirlpool of emotions, A surge of love, And a surf of passion, That is life. A cacophany of voices, And a cascade of thought, The lustre of a star, The heat of the sun, That is life. The dew-adorned blossoms, The fragrant-rich air, The rustling leaves, The bubbling brooks,… Continue reading Celebrating Life


Dreams We all are born dreamers for we conjure little dreams in tiny corners of our heart and nurture them through the life's tempests. But many a time, these tiny beacons of hope get extinguished and seem out of our reach. We tend to start doubting ourselves. doubt pervades the mindwhen your dreams seem faraway-miles… Continue reading TANKATUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 254, #SPECIFICFORM

A Bubble

She lived in a bubble, Caged in the glassy coccoon, She saw the outside world, In a pristine hue. The refracted truth, The sheathed life, The veiled truth, Life a lie! A frothy placebo, That showed what it wanted to tell, She floated in the pink panorama, Weaving an illusionary web. She was happy, She… Continue reading A Bubble

Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 40: (FLOAT) in the B rhyme line.

A part when those curtains come down, And when deep old memories float, Reminding you of times remote, A fast relay of life's countdown, Only you smile at the rundown. When all your dear dreams were weary And Life's maze seemed harshly eerie, It is just darkness before dawn, And Life's begones are now bygone,… Continue reading Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge Prompt No. 40: (FLOAT) in the B rhyme line.

Sunset ( a cinquain)

Looking at the the dying rays of the sun at the end of the day,I realised that beauty is temporary and fleeting. But it is the radiant sunrise next day that teaches us to persevere and relish its beauty once again. Cinquain sun sets rays amber hued golden beauty fleeting it rises to shine more… Continue reading Sunset ( a cinquain)