A Thank You

A big Thank You to SIWO for this award. And heartiest congratulations to other winners and participants. I feel blessed to be a part of this invigorating community that has help me grow and write more. Results@ https://yoursuccessinspirer.com/2019/05/04/%F0%9F%8C%BC-siwo-8-lines-poetry-contest-result-%F0%9F%8C%BC/

The Leibster Awards

I have been nominated for this award by Nadiya Irsalina (https://wakingupat3am.wordpress.com). Her blog articulates different facets of life in beautiful words.  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!  The rules of this award are: 1.Acknowledge the blog who has nominated you 2.Reply to Eleven questions asked.  3.Nominate 11 other bloggers.  4.Ask them 11 questions.  5.Inform them… Continue reading The Leibster Awards