Windless (a haibun)

October is sunny and bright.As monsoons recede,the days are warm.
But nowadays it is strange weather.It is cloudy and dark as if he the clouds don't want to
go away and the sun is hidden in a dark grey veil.
This is the month of airing and getting away the damp odors.
But sun plays hookey and winds are in doldrums
Days are dark and morose.

 grey sodden sky
hangs windless
wary eagles watch

7 thoughts on “Windless (a haibun)”

  1. This is beautiful , I would not call this a Haiku I would call it a Haibun, which is a poetry form that combines a haiku with a prose poem. Haibun prose is usually descriptive. It uses sparse, poetic imagery to evoke a sensory impression in the reader. Call it what you will it’s lovely ๐Ÿ’œ

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