Dreams I dread you no more….

It's a grey hazy world. I walk alone into the depths of deep and dark night. The tall banyan trees rustle gently in the balmy night singing a slow requiem. Petrified, I walk on.And suddenly clawed hands protrude from the dark abyss, holding me,pinning me and choking me. I shriek aloud but no words come out. A silent wail of despair wakes me up awashed in salty tears and beads of sweat.
My fears are my best friends and never leave me alone.

blissful reverie
rumbles to unlace deep fears
dark brooding shadows
bare what I carefully hid
cracking pale glassy facade

In the tsunami of my dreams,debris gets blown away and all that remains is clarity of thought. My fears give me the courage to come face to face with a soul resurrected.

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