Donna Matthews from last month’s challenge picked this month’s theme as FIRE &  WATER

I have attempted a Tanka Prose

Strange are Nature’s Ways

Winters are a distant memory in spring that is no more.The pleasant days that thaw the icy dew sizzle and have become incredibly hot.The cuckoo that sang each year is heard no more for the branches that it perched on are singed to their core

searing flashes that
sun from cerulean skies
lashes on lands green
incite a wild inferno
of smoldering crimson fires

The vernal charm has metamorphosed into a burning apocalypse that threatens to devour all creation.We flouted the Nature’s equilibrium with intransigence and it is turning to teach us a lesson.Nature is no longer kind.

all eyes turn in hope
to heavens to break loose to
water brown parched lands
withered and seared souls await
land's sizzling cauldron to cool

Via :https://wp.me/p4xNpg-d1A


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