TankaTuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 264, 3/8/22 #Create Your Own Syllabic Form

 I have invented the form Qelegy.It is an elegy of sequence of quatrains.
I have used rhyming scheme ABAB with 4,8,8,4 syllables in four lines of each stanza.

An Elegy to Peace

dark is the night
veiled in misty nebulous glow
faraway stars hide in sheer fright
as canons blow
fireball in sky
roared with incendiary blasts
to suck out life of souls on sly
I watched aghast
wintery snow
scarlet red laced with bloody wails
life struck a deathblow
telling sad tale
much Pain abounds
life I so loved and lived no more
my dear ones no longer around,
Peace I implore

Via: https://wp.me/p4xNpg-cX5


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