Circle of Life

Lot of water,

Under the bridge has flown.

Gusts of wind ,

They have blown the sand away.

The verdant bush,

Trimmed but has grown all the way.

The flowering blossoms,

Bloomed to scatter their seeds afar.

Bees buzzing,

They have found new petals.

The twittering birds,

They have found new nesting grounds.

The hibernating squirrel,

It returns with the vernal shower.

The setting sun,

It rises again to a new day.

The circle of life goes on.



It is not broken by Hercules’s strength,

Nor bewitched by Sorcerer’s Stone.

Spontaneously,it goes on,

For it is deemed to do so.

I am stupefied by travails, big and small,

But wheel of life around me,

It circumvents the horizon,

As if nothing could go wrong,

Or faze the Nature’s stupendous maze.

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