A Bubble

She lived in a bubble,
Caged in the glassy coccoon,
She saw the outside world,
In a pristine hue.
The refracted truth,
The sheathed life,
The veiled truth,
Life a lie!
A frothy placebo,
That showed what it wanted to tell,
She floated in the pink panorama,
Weaving an illusionary web.
She was happy,
She did not care for the rest,
And the tornado struck,
It’s vortex swallowing the glassy bubble.
It burst in a frenzy,
Tossing her on the tempestuous seas,
She did not swim along for she knew not,
All the while she was floating along.
Living in a bubble,
She knew not to face troubles,
But seeing the tiny bubbles rising to the surface,
She took courage.
She did not sink to the abject depths,
All remorse and melancholy purged,
She infused a renewed zest,
She wanted to live life.
Living in a bubble,
She knew the beauty of life,
As she lived anew,
A life beyond the bubble.

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