An enigma

She loved herself,

And the world did not love her for it.

Her radiance shone bright,

And the world eclipsed her light.

She flew so high,

And the world clipped her wings.

She sang aloud soulful songs,

And the world muted the melody.

She dreamed to dream,

And the world shattered her reverie.

She smiled to smile,

And the world made her laugh

with tears in her eyes.

She did not stop loving those,

Who did not love her back.

Her luminous beauty lit up the dark night,

She was an enigma to the world around,

For it could not,

Decipher what made her so sound.

She transcended all those,

Who tried to hold her to the ground.

She was elusive,

She was a mirage,

She could not be theirs,

As they did not love her,

For what she was.

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