The white rose ( a haibun)

I walked on the grassy patch. I caught a whiff from a solitary white rose perched high amidst the foliage.Its subtle fragrance made me stop awhile to gaze at it.I wondered how it spread so much fragrance or why was it pristine white.I wondered how it stood unblemished and untarnished with all the dust and grime around.It stood perched on its thin peduncle majestic and proud.I bent down to caress its soft petals.“Oh!” I suddenly winced in pain.A sharp thorn underneath pricked my finger and scarlet red droplets oozed onto the white petals staining them here and there in myriad dots.But the white rose still danced merrily on its thin stalk as if mocking me for daring to challenge its aura.It was laughing at me for being a mere naive mortal.It was wise and fearless for it knew its intrinsic beauty and radiance.It knew that no mire could defile it.Any blemish would only enhance its pristine radiance and look beautiful on it.“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.It was singing cockily aloud laughing at my naivete.Its beauty shone through all dust and grime because it knew its worth.It was beautiful and proud even of its blemished beauty.It told me to be its friend. The white rose, carefree and happy even in times of turmoil and censure became my muse to love myself to shine bright.

behold life’s beauty-
let it inside to brighten
up deep dark caverns

5 thoughts on “The white rose ( a haibun)”

  1. Wow this one of your best one till now. …i got lost in your words and the your description….probably i could feel the same thoughts on sighting such a white rose in a solitary field and your philosophy afterwards was just beautiful!!

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