Thursday Thrum- a waltz( a haiku)

A pleasant day with clouded sunshine and no rain. Birds chirp merrily and a lone cuckoo sings away a requiem to the spring hidden in the lush branches outside. Life’s facade seems serene from outside. But beneath the calm surface is a tinder-box fuelled by fear, a vague sense of unease and eerie forboding. I dread to touch the door – knob that has been touched by many of my own house. I dread to sit in the cab and would rather walk a mile and carry heavy bags. I no longer visit the grocery at the smallest pretext. I no longer haggle with the vegetable vendor for extras and better price for I have stopped visiting one. My regular vendor was so upset that he landed at my doorstep with a week’s supply and did not even ask for money. Maybe, he was also having withdrawal symptoms! I avoid going out and now it is a hereculean task to step out. Double masks,santising,washing seems taxing. So just stay in.

My window is my vista to the world.

leaves waltz to
gentle wisps blowing
away blues

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thrum- a waltz( a haiku)”

  1. Staying in is safer and hassle free. I haven’t visited any vendor or gone to a supermarket in ages! But I am going to work every single day. We maintain distance as far as possible, use double masks and sanitizers.
    Beautiful Haiku!

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