Flea Market-1

A strange name for I am not going shopping.

It came to my mind for I feel the world is one big flea market full of strange people, ordinary people,people with idiosyncrasies,people with temper, people who love and those who hate.

Why not chronicle these caricatures?

Today ‘s star is Jelly – in- the – Dishwash.

A strange acronym,one would say.

But it would do justice.

This person is sacharine sweet to face, soft and honeyed tongue. They beautifully package themselves to win our hearts. But once the seasons change and heat sets in, they melt away into a sodden and slimy mass.

And like the dishwash, they take it upon themselves to wash off the grime around but since the wash is now slimy, it creates a swamp of sticky angst all around and eliciting smelly bubbles.

So let the jelly melt away till it is no more.

And on a funny note, you can infuse some fragranced potion into the wash and use it to blow soapy bubbles around, bursting those wispy bubbles floating in air. It would rekindle old memories, you would smile and laugh as Jelly – in – the – Dishwash is no longer potent.

2 thoughts on “Flea Market-1”

  1. Great allegory. I like your classification. Yes, the world is one large flea market. One elder told me years ago that in this world market you can get what you’re looking for.
    Your blog is really good.

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